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Kabolite 988-100s RC Wheel Loader
Kabolite 988-100s RC Wheel Loader
Kabolite 988-100s RC Loader
Kabolite 988-100s RC Wheel Loader
Kabolite 988-100s
Kabolite 988-100s
Kabolite 988-100s RC Wheel Loader

Kabolite K988-100s RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader (2024 Model)

Regular price $4,600.00 USD

Attention: We are an official and authorized dealer for Kabolite RC Series and also the largest distributor for Kabolite. We currently hold stock of this Model. We use the best, most reliable, and fastest courier for shipping. For all questions related to Kabolite RC including spare parts, upgrades, or other enquiries, please email us and we will be ready to help you.

Product Description:

Introducing the Kabolite K988-100S RC Hydraulic Loader, a powerful and versatile model that brings the excitement of heavy machinery to your fingertips. With its impressive size and robust features, this loader offers an immersive and realistic experience for enthusiasts and collectors.

Measuring at 903mm in length, 247mm in width, and 296mm in height, the Kabolite 988-100S RC Hydraulic Loader demands attention with its commanding presence. The product weight of the bare car is approximately 23.5kg, ensuring stability and durability during operation.

For secure packaging, the loader is carefully protected in an aluminum-wood composite board box, which is further enclosed in a corrugated box. The inner box measures 101cm x 32cm x 36cm, while the outer box measures 102cm x 34.5cm x 38.5cm. The loader is shipped individually, with a gross weight of 28.5kg and a net weight of 25.5kg.

Powered by a 3S lithium battery, the Kabolite 988-100S RC Hydraulic Loader delivers maximum power of 83W. Its energy-efficient design ensures long-lasting playtime and reliable performance.

Let's explore some of the basic specifications and dimensions of the Kabolite K988-100S RC Hydraulic Loader:

- Length/Width/Height: 903mm x 296mm x 280mm
- Wheelbase: 324mm
- Rear axle centerline to bumper: 299mm
- Centerline of pitch shaft to tooth tip of the bucket: 350mm
- Bottom bell link chain nest: 43mm
- Ground to front axle center: 69.8mm
- Ground to top of ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure): 296mm
- Ground to top of exhaust pipe: 281.8mm
- Bumper landing clearance: 76mm
- Clearance at maximum lift: 264mm
- Protrusion distance at maximum lift: 180mm
- Bucket hitch height at maximum lift height: 401mm
- Maximum overall height when the bucket is lifted: 555mm
- Wheelbase: 247mm
- Bucket capacity: 1942cm³
- Speed range: 2000-5000rpm
- Maximum turning radius: 43¬į
- Machine quality: 20-21kg
- Lifting force: 15-25kg

The Kabolite 988-100S RC Hydraulic Loader combines power, versatility, and impressive dimensions. With its lifelike lifting capabilities, robust construction, and precise controls, this loader offers an engaging and immersive experience. Whether you're a collector or an enthusiast, this loader is sure to provide endless hours of excitement and enjoyment.