About Us


Heavy Duty RC has been selling Remote Control Construction toys mainly huina toys for quite some years, we have quickly grown to selling Electric and Hydraulic RC Models, RC Spare parts and Upgrades for customers located in all parts of the world. We are an official authorised dealer for several RC Construction brands including Huina, Kabolite, JDM and many others. We work directly with manufacturers and our customers to bring quality and reliable RC Excavators, Wheel loaders Tippers/ Dump Trucks, Forklift and many more. We always take great pride in our company and our customers.


Electric RC Construction Models

The Electric RC Construction model we sell are made for people who are new to the RC construction hobby. These models are are considered as beginner range or stepping stones before you consider getting yourself a hydraulic Model. Heavy Duty RC hold stocks of these models in Fulfilment centres located in the USA, Canada, Australia and Spain. Fullfillment centres are professional warehouses that stocks, processes and ships ecommerce products for busineses. Fulfillment centers handle the logistics required to get an order to a your doorstep, eliminating the need for us to package, address, and ship each order ourself. Since we stock our product in different Fulfilment centres(Warehouses) all over the globe, when a customer purchase from us, we will ship from the nearest warehouse to the customer. We offer free shipping for most countries worldwide.


Hydraulic RC Models.

The Hydraulic RC machinery are advanced RC Construction model which do require hydraulic oil for it to operate. These models are far stronger and powerful than the electric RC Models. Heavy Duty RC is an authorised retail dealer for majority of the famous Hydraulic RC Construction brands, this include kabolite, jd model, MT and several others. Hydraulic models are made and recommended for advanced RC hobbyist (Customers who have a lot of experience in handling, repairing and maintaining RC toys especially the construction models). Majority of these models are not an already made product and it do require manufacturing after purchase. Models which are usually in stock are Kabolite 336gc Excavator, Kabolite 966 Wheel loader. We offer and sell customers fully upgraded Hydraulic Models ONLY thus they do come with a sound system, light system, battery and a charger. We currently hold stocks for the Kabolite 336GC Excavator and Kabolite 966 Wheel loader in all the warehouses but a small quantity. For the kabolite series, models like the Kabolite 350 and 970 Excavator are not already made. Customers will have to wait after purchase for manufacturing before they are shipped out. All Hydraulic models are shipped with an express couriers and customers do not have to pay for shipping.


Spare parts 

Spare parts for RC construction models are parts of a complete model. Sometimes damages can happen when operating an RC model. Heavy duty RC has made it easier for RC construction hobbyist worldwide by offering spare parts in case of damage or repairs. We offer free shipping for all spare parts and with an express courier except for batteries (batteries are considered as highly dangerous goods by delivery companies and shipment of batteries solely will always take time) 



We sell upgrades for both Hydraulic and Electric RC Construction models. Upgrades are fun and makes your construction model more fun and realistic than ever.  We have partnered with a seperate CNC manufacturing company to produce quality upgrades parts which will fit your Heavy RC machinery without any problem. What seperate us from all sellers for construction upgrades is that. we ship each and ever upgrade with an express shipping and we offer after sales support. We constantly adding more upgrade parts to our collection, if you have an upgrade idea or anything associated with upgrades for RC construction scales, please do not hesitate to contact us about it. 


Heavy Duty RC has received a large number of positive feedbacks from RC Lovers resulting in us dominating in the RC Construction Market. All this comes down to the fact that we have great customer support and the fact that we are able to help anyone with their needs.


This online marketplace has been designed to provide you with a very safe and secure environment when searching for Construction Models. We have a wide range of encrypted payment options including Traditional Card payment, Google pay, Apple pay, shop pay, PayPal and many more.