RC Wheel loaders

RC Wheel loaders are remote control models of Real Industrial or Civil Wheel loaders that are made to perform like the real ones. Famous Brands like Kabolite, Huina, JD Model and MT manufacture and produce these RC Heavy machineries. Here at Heavy Duty RC, we are an official authorised dealer for all these brands and we sell to customers all over the world with RC wheel loaders including spare parts and upgrades. We hold collection of Electric RC Wheel loaders eg. Huina Wheel loaders and a few Hydraulic Wheel loaders in fulfilment centres(warehouses) located in the USA, Australia, Spain and Canada. We also retail Hydraulic Rc Wheel loaders which are not pre-made to customers worldwide. Email sales@heavydutyrc.com if you have any questions or enquiries about these products and we are ready to help you.