RC Bulldozers

RC Bulldozers are very scarce, Heavy Duty RC has managed to be an authorised dealer to sell the world's best electric and hydraulic RC bulldozers and these are the huina 1569 and JDM Bulldozer dxr2. The huina 1569 Bulldozer is an electric RC Bulldozer that can push soft sand and It is made for hobbyists who are new to RC construction toys. The JDM Bulldozer is the world's most famous hydraulic Bulldozer This is an advanced RC Bulldozer that works and operates like the real one. Heavy Duty RC has a large stock for the huina 1569 in all the fulfilment centres(warehouse) we stock our product in and it is always ready to be shipped out. The JDM Bulldozer is not always in stock and this is due to the fact that they are not largely produced customers will have to wait for it to be manufactured and tested before they are shipped out. Please email sales@heavydutyrc.com if you have any questions or enquiries.