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$1,900.00 USD

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 Attention: We are an official and authorized dealer for Kabolite RC Series and also the largest distributor for Kabolite. We currently hold stock of this Model. We use the best, most reliable, and fastest courier for shipping. For all questions related to Kabolite RC including spare parts, upgrades, or other enquiries, please email us and we will be ready to help you.

Product Description.

The Kabolite K961 RC Hydraulic Excavator is a fully-assembled and painted model that is designed for enthusiasts who are looking for a high-quality and multi-functional excavator. It is an upgraded version of the K336GC and comes with several improvements, such as changes in color, remote control, material, and more.

The excavator has a scale of 1/16 and is made of metal and plastic. It has a length of 750mm, a width of 192mm, and a height of 510mm. The product weight is 8.75 kg, which makes it sturdy and durable. The excavator is also equipped with several features, such as a hydraulic system, light system, ripper, breaker hammer, claw, and a quick-release coupler.

The main difference between the Kabolite K961-100s RC Excavator and the Kabolite K961-100 RC Excavator is the inclusion of additional attachments with the K961-100s model. Specifically, the Kabolite K961-100s comes with a quick coupler, a hammer drill, a grapple attachment, and a ripper attachment.

A quick coupler is a mechanism that allows for easy and quick attachment and detachment of various excavator tools. With a quick coupler, the operator can switch between different attachments, such as buckets or hydraulic hammers, in a matter of seconds.

The hammer drill, also known as a hydraulic hammer, is an attachment that is used to break through hard surfaces. It is made of high-quality metal allowing for efficient and effective demolition work.

The grapple attachment is a tool that is used to pick up and move various materials, such as rocks, logs, or debris. It consists of two jaws that are operated by hydraulic cylinders, allowing the operator to clamp onto and move heavy objects with ease.

Lastly, The ripper attachment is a tool that is used for digging and breaking up hard soil or rock surfaces. It consists of a single shank with a pointed tip that is used to penetrate and loosen up the ground, making it easier to dig and excavate.

Overall, the inclusion of these additional attachments with the Kabolite K961-100s RC Excavator provides the operator with a wider range of capabilities and flexibility, allowing for more efficient and effective excavation work.

As mentioned earlier, the K961 has several improvements over its predecessor, the K336GC. The color of the excavator has been changed from yellow to white, which gives it a sleek and modern look. The remote control has been changed from FlySky I6S to FlySky ST8, which is more advanced and allows for better control. The material of the oil pipe has also been changed from plastic to metal, which improves durability and stability.

Moreover, the K961 has more upgraded parts than the K336GC, including a quick-release coupler, a breaker hammer, a ripper, and a claw, which makes the excavator multi-functional. The hydraulic system has also been upgraded to a higher quality and more stable system. The material of the fuel tank has been upgraded from aluminum alloy to stainless steel, which improves durability and longevity. The power board, electric control board, and light board have been integrated into a circuit board, which makes it easier to control and use. The rotating disc of the excavator has been upgraded to a large bearing structure, which improves stability and control. Lastly, the windows of the cabin have been changed from fully transparent to transparent green, which adds a realistic touch to the model.

Overall, the Kabolite K961 1/16 RC Hydraulic Excavator is a high-quality and multi-functional model that is perfect for enthusiasts who are looking for a realistic and powerful excavator. With its numerous features and upgrades, it is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment.