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Aoue-BL71 Hydraulic RC Backhoe Loader
Aoue-BL71 Hydraulic RC Backhoe Loader
Aoue-BL71 RC Backhoe Loader
Hydraulic RC Backhoe Loader
Aoue-BL71 Hydraulic RC Backhoe Loader
Aoue-BL71 Hydraulic RC Backhoe Loader
Aoue-BL71 Hydraulic RC Backhoe Loader

Aoue-BL71 Hydraulic RC Backhoe Loader

Prix régulier $6,000.00 USD


Introducing the all-metal construction machinery model Aoue-BL71 Hydraulic RC Backhoe Loader, a versatile and robust 2-in-1 model designed for serious RC enthusiasts. This highly detailed model brings together advanced manufacturing techniques and premium materials to deliver a realistic and high-performing experience.


The Aoue-BL71 Hydraulic RC Backhoe Loader is a meticulously crafted 1/14 scale model, featuring all-metal construction for enhanced durability and performance. It is equipped with a comprehensive hydraulic system and high-quality components to ensure smooth and realistic operation. The model comes with a range of accessories and features that make it a standout addition to any RC collection.


  • Scale: 1/14
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 8.4KG
  • Size: 513214283MM
  • Wheels: Front and rear aluminum alloy wheels with high-quality rubber tires
  • Drive System: Full-drive 4*4 power lock differential axle with a reduction ratio of 1:2.7

Product Features:

  1. High-Quality Construction: The model combines CNC fabrication and precision welding with a metal casing, ensuring long-lasting durability and realistic appearance. The front shovel is equipped with a stainless steel bucket, adding to its robustness.

  2. Advanced Hydraulic System: Equipped with a hydraulic tensioning function, hydraulic front fork, hydraulic front shovel, and hydraulic bucket. The hydraulic system includes a reversing valve, switching valve, brushless ESC, oil pump, fine stainless steel oil cylinder, and relief valve, forming a precise and coordinated hydraulic system for smooth and linear actions.

  3. Multi-Purpose Design: The backhoe loader features a rear excavation arm with an excavation assembly traverse, allowing for a larger excavation range. It also includes hydraulic support legs for enhanced stability during operation.

  4. Realistic Features: The model is equipped with multiple lights and a sound system, enhancing its realism. The swivel seat and rotating control bits at both ends simulate the operation of a real backhoe loader, providing an immersive experience.

  5. High Simulation: The Aoue-BL71 features high simulation spraying to replicate the paint surface of the real machine. It comes with a Fusi PL18 lite remote control and a 3S lithium battery, ensuring that the model is ready for action right out of the box.

Package Includes:

  • Aoue-BL71 Hydraulic Loader x1
  • PL 18 Remote Control x1
  • Battery x1
  • Manual x1
  • Sticker x2
  • Accessories Package x1

This Aoue-BL71 Hydraulic RC Backhoe Loader offers an exceptional combination of performance, durability, and realism. Whether you are an experienced RC hobbyist or new to the world of RC construction models, this backhoe loader provides a comprehensive and engaging experience, making it a valuable addition to your collection.