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Kabolite 350 200 RC Excavator
Kabolite 350 200 RC Excavator
Kabolite 350 200 RC Hydraulic Excavator

Kabolite K350 200 RC Hydraulic Excavator (2024 Model)

Regular price $4,700.00 USD

Attention: We are an official and authorized dealer for Kabolite RC Series and also the largest distributor for Kabolite. We currently hold stock of this Model. We use the best, most reliable, and fastest courier for shipping. For all questions related to Kabolite RC including spare parts, upgrades, or other enquiries, please email us and we will be ready to help you.

Product Description:

Introducing the Kabolite K350-200 RC Hydraulic Excavator Model, a powerful and feature-rich model that brings the excitement of construction machinery to your fingertips. Equipped with advanced components and thoughtful accessories, this excavator offers an immersive and realistic experience for enthusiasts and collectors.

The Kabolite K350-200 RC Hydraulic Excavator Model comes with a range of essential features and accessories to enhance your experience. It includes the Flysky Paladin PL18 EV Lite Radio System, providing reliable and precise control over the excavator's movements. The 10000mAh battery ensures extended playtime, allowing for prolonged operation before recharging. The package also includes a charger to conveniently recharge the battery when needed. An English manual book is included to assist you in understanding the excavator's functions and operation.

To enhance the realism of the model, it features a light system that replicates the lighting found on real excavators. The air filter ensures optimal performance and protects the internal components. A decorative GPS unit adds a touch of authenticity to the model. Tools are included to assist with assembly and maintenance tasks. Additionally, the package includes decals to customize and personalize the excavator.

Please note that the package does not include a sound system, which would provide realistic engine and hydraulic sounds. It also does not include hydraulic oil, which is necessary for the smooth operation of the hydraulic system.

The Kabolite K350-200 RC Hydraulic Excavator Model offers a comprehensive set of features and accessories to deliver a realistic and engaging construction experience. With its advanced radio system, powerful battery, and thoughtful accessories, this excavator is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for enthusiasts of all ages. Get ready to dig, lift, and maneuver with precision using this impressive model.