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JDM Hydraulic RC DXR2 Bulldozer (2024 Model)

Regular price $3,000.00 USD


JDM RC Hydraulic Bulldozer isĀ the most famous dozer manufactured and madeĀ for serious RC Construction users who are in love with theĀ realĀ Dozer model. Fully metal with a faster response time, this model is able to perform and work like the real-life version, for example, its blade is fully functional(TIlt in several ways). The ripper is able to rip through all kinds of soil grounds. This is a fully assembled acoustic model which its body is made of CNC Metal parts making it more durable and reliable.

Hydraulic / Full Metal / Ready-to-Run / Battery Powered / Sound Module Equipped

Heavy Duty RC Supplies customers all over the world UPGRADED JDM RC BULLDOZERļ»æ. This model weĀ sell comes with a light, sound module, battery and a charger. Customers do not have to upgrade anything themselves because it is fully upgraded.

N.BĀ This is an advanced RC BulldozerĀ madeĀ or recommended forĀ RC Experts. Customers new or beginners to RC Construction should think thoroughly before making a purchase.

This is not an already made product and it does require manufacturing after purchase. Depending on the workload or supply of raw materials, manufacturing time can take about 1-4 weeks. (For this model specifically, weĀ sometimes do have a few stocks available and ready to be shipped out immediately)

Before shipments, Heavy Duty RC RC Experts test and make sure the machine is working correctly before we proceedĀ to giveĀ it to the delivery courier. This product will be shipped with an express courier and the delivery time is usually 5-12 days depending on the delivery address provided. All orders areĀ shipped with unique and trackable tracking numbers. Customers should immediately contact us at "" if they have any issues with their order.Ā 

This machine does require hydraulic oil for it to operate which is not included in the package. Customers are required to fill the tank with hydraulic oil by themselves. Please do not adjust the oil pressure unless you know what you are doing.


Product description

ā€¢CNC machined kirsite&aluminum

ā€¢Custom 9 channel 2.4Ghz radio AT9

ā€¢Optimized chrome steel hydraulic system

ā€¢Efficient undercarriage

ā€¢Scale operator station (can fit a driving figure, seat installed)

ā€¢Reliable hydraulic valve and adjustable pump

ā€¢Engine sound module equipped

ā€¢Heavy duty hydraulic hoses (ID 2.0mm,2.5mm Nylon, OD 3.0mm,4.0mm)

ā€¢CNC machined kirsite&aluminum

ā€¢Custom 9 channel 2.4Ghz radio AT9

ā€¢Optimized chrome steel hydraulic system

ā€¢Max undercarriage steering 360 degrees

ā€¢Powder coated in yellow

ā€¢Massive brushless system (hydraulic)

ā€¢Hydraulic system 60A brushless ESC, driving system 320A brush ESC

ā€¢800Kv brushless monster torque motor

ā€¢Battery Recommend: Lipo 3S,5300mAh,11.1V(Not Included)

ā€¢Steel machined oil pump (51mm X 40mm X 36mm)

ā€¢Max. shovel depth 48mm, Max.lifting height 173mm,Max.blade gradient +/-10degrees

ā€¢Driving speed: first gear,6m/min

ā€¢Operating oil pressure: 25Bar,Flow 0.8L/Min


ā€¢Shovel: W.351mmxH.86mm

ā€¢Length: 685mm

ā€¢Width: 351mm

ā€¢Height: 323mm

ā€¢Net weight: 26kg