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Hydraulic Kits for Huina 1592/1593/1594

$399.99 USD

Sale price Regular price $500.00 USD

Hydraulic kits are a popular accessory for RC excavators, and the hydraulic kit for Huina 1592/1593/1594 is no exception. This high-quality kit is designed to provide users with enhanced control over their excavator, allowing for smoother and more precise movements of the arm and bucket.

The hydraulic kit includes all the necessary components for installation, including a hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, and fittings. The hydraulic pump is designed to be durable and efficient, providing enough power to operate the hydraulic cylinders smoothly and accurately.

Using the hydraulic kit with the Huina 1592/1593/1594 RC excavator can greatly enhance its performance. With the added hydraulic functionality, users can perform a wider range of tasks, such as digging deeper, lifting heavier loads, and working with greater precision.


Hydraulic Upgrade Kit for HUINA 1592 1593 1594 = Hydraulic Sets Metal Boom Bracket / 3CH Valve / Oil Pump Cylinder for Huina RC Excavator

Type: RC Construction 

Parts: Upgrades

Size: As below shown

Quantity: 1 pcs

Origin: Mainland China


Model Number: 1592/1593/1594