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AOUE MCL8 1/14 RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader
AOUE MCL8 1/14 RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader
AOUE MCL8 1/14 RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader
AOUE MCL8 1/14 RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader
AOUE MCL8 1/14 RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader

AOUE MCL8 1/14 RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader

Prix régulier $2,800.00 USD

AOUE MCL8 1/14 RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader with Light and Sound System

Product Model: AOUE-MCL8
Product Name: Hydraulic Remote Control Wheel Loader
Product Weight: 3.9KG
Product Size: L 407 * W 165 * H 221 MM
Product Material: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel
Product Process: CNC, Sheet Metal Welding, Etching
Product Assembly: RTR Painted Version (Yellow and Black), Includes Remote Control and Batteries
(Includes standard electronic systems such as lights and sound)

Product Features:

  1. Four-Wheel Drive:

    • The AOUE-MCL8 features a robust front and rear four-wheel drive system.
    • Both the front and rear axles are equipped with built-in differential locks, ensuring enhanced traction and stability across various terrains.
  2. Towing Hook:

    • The rear of the loader is equipped with a durable towing hook.
    • This feature enhances the utility of the loader, allowing it to tow additional equipment or loads as required.
  3. Hydraulic System:

    • The loader boasts a precise hydraulic system that ensures smooth and coordinated movements.
    • This system includes finely tuned hydraulic components that enhance the operational accuracy and efficiency of the loader.
  4. Hydraulic Steering:

    • The steering system of the loader is hydraulically operated, providing precise control.
    • The front wheel tilt angle is adjustable, allowing for improved maneuverability and responsiveness.
  5. Accessible Design:

    • The design includes features such as openable doors, a cab, and a rear tailgate.
    • These accessible elements add to the realism of the model and allow for detailed inspection and interaction with the loader.
  6. Lighting and Sound System:

    • The AOUE-MCL8 comes equipped with a comprehensive lighting system, including headlights and working lights, enhancing visibility and realism during operation.
    • The loader also features a simulated sound system that replicates the authentic noises of a real hydraulic loader, adding to the immersive experience.
  7. Construction and Materials:

    • Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the loader is built to last.
    • The manufacturing process includes CNC machining, sheet metal welding, and etching, ensuring precision and durability in every component.
  8. Ready-to-Run (RTR):

    • The loader comes fully assembled and painted in a striking yellow and black color scheme.
    • It includes a remote control and batteries, making it ready for immediate use right out of the box.

The AOUE MCL8 1/14 RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader is designed to deliver a realistic and highly functional RC experience, combining advanced engineering with high-quality materials and detailed craftsmanship.