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Liehberr Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader | XDRC 580
Liehberr Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader | XDRC 580
Liehberr Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader
Liehberr Hydraulic Wheel Loader
XDRC 580
Liehberr Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader

Liehberr Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader | XDRC 580

Prix régulier $3,200.00 USD

We are an official authorized dealer for this brand (XDRC Models) This means that when you purchase from us, you are guaranteed to receive a genuine and authentic model. Each model is tested and checked before shipment. Additionally, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond your purchase with an aftersales support, designed to assist you with any issues or questions you may have.

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Availability Notice:

Please note that this Liebherr RC Hydraulic Wheel Loader is not an already made model. The manufacturing process can take approximately 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the availability of the parts. If you need help please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support.


Product Overview:

The Liehberr Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader | XDRC 580 is the hydraulic version of the renowned Huina 1583 RC Electric Wheel Loader. This high-performance model is designed for RC enthusiasts seeking realism and durability in their construction equipment models. The XDRC 580 combines advanced engineering with premium materials to deliver exceptional functionality and a lifelike operational experience.


Product Description:

The Liehberr Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader is ready-to-run (RTR), brand new, painted, and fully assembled. Constructed from high-quality metal and plastic components, this model ensures long-lasting performance and resilience in demanding conditions. Measuring approximately 810x265x290mm and weighing around 21.6KG, it provides a substantial and realistic presence.


  • Item Condition: RTR, Brand New, Painted and Assembled
  • Material: Metal, Plastic
  • Size: Approx. 810x265x290mm
  • Net Weight: Approx. 21.6KG
  • Model ID: XDRC 580

Package Includes:

  • 1/14 Remote Control Hydraulic Loader Model
  • Lighting System
  • Sound System
  • FlySky ST8 Remote Control and Receiver


  1. Sound and Light Effects: Equipped with a sound and light system, enhancing the realism of your operations.

  2. Construction: Utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques including CNC machining, zinc alloy molding, sheet metal fabrication, and polycarbonate (PC) components, ensuring precision and quality.

  3. Material Composition: Made primarily of stainless steel, zinc alloy, iron, aluminum, copper, polycarbonate, and rubber. These durable materials guarantee long service life and high performance.

  4. Directional Valve: Includes a four-way directional valve, with one way reserved for hydraulic attachments such as timber grabs, hydraulic forks, or side discharge rock buckets.

  5. Pump: Features a proprietary brushless pump that delivers high pressure while maintaining low temperatures and minimal power consumption.

  6. Power Source: Utilizes a brushless motor for efficient power transmission, providing both high and low-speed options to suit various operational needs.

  7. Quick Connection System: Includes a manual quick connection mechanism to facilitate the rapid replacement of accessories, offering a variety of gameplay options and enhancing versatility.

This Liehberr Hydraulic RC Wheel Loader is an impressive addition to any RC construction equipment collection, providing unmatched realism and robust performance.