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JDM-198 RC Hitachi ZW370 Wheel Loader
JDM-198 RC Hitachi ZW370 Wheel Loader
JDM-198 RC Wheel Loader
JDM-198 RC ZW370 Loader
JDM-198 RC Hitachi ZW370 Wheel Loader
JDM-198 RC Hitachi ZW370 Wheel Loader
JDM-198 RC Hitachi ZW370 Wheel Loader
JDM-198 RC Hitachi ZW370 Wheel Loader

JDM-198 RC Hitachi ZW370 Wheel Loader

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Product Description:

Introducing the JDM-198 RC Hitachi ZW370 Wheel Loader, a highly detailed and powerful model that brings the excitement of operating a wheel loader to your fingertips. With its impressive scale, robust features, and realistic design, this wheel loader is perfect for enthusiasts and collectors.

The JDM-198 RC Hitachi ZW370 Wheel Loader is built to a scale of 1/14, providing an accurate representation of the real-life Hitachi ZW370. With dimensions of approximately 710mm in length (bucket flat), 250mm in width (tire end), and 268mm in height, this model showcases its size and presence.

Weighing in at 16.5kg, the JDM-198 RC Hitachi ZW370 Wheel Loader offers a substantial vehicle weight that adds to its durability and stability during operation. It features a theoretical rise force of 15kg for the boom lift and a theoretical traction force of 30kg, allowing for realistic loading and lifting capabilities.

The power supply voltage for the wheel loader is 11.1V-12V, utilizing a 3S lithium battery with a compact size of approximately 13cm x 4cm x 2.5cm. The package includes a standard sound system to replicate engine sounds and a lighting system with low beam, high beam, fog lights, and dome lights for enhanced realism.

Equipped with a hydraulic pump, the wheel loader offers a flow rate of 0.8L/min, a rated pressure of 2.5MPA, and an ultimate pressure of 5MPA. The reversing valve is a miniature 3-way plug-type with neutral oil return, ensuring precise control over the hydraulic functions. The gearbox features planetary two gears, with a first gear ratio of 1:64 and a second gear ratio of 1:16. The axle has a speed ratio of 1:10.4 and is lockable for added versatility.

Please note that when the boom is at its lowest position and the bucket is down, it is important not to lift the boom for operation to avoid potential damage to the bucket cylinder. Due to the heavy weight of the vehicle, it is essential to avoid impact during transportation to prevent damage to the axle and bucket cylinder.

The JDM-198 RC Hitachi ZW370 Wheel Loader offers an immersive and realistic experience, allowing you to operate and maneuver a wheel loader with precision. With its attention to detail, powerful features, and robust construction, this model provides an authentic construction experience. Get ready to load, lift, and transport with confidence using this exceptional wheel loader.


  • Brand: JDM
  • Item Condition: New, Pre-Assembled and Painted
  • Scale: 1/14
  • Material: Metal
  • Length: 710mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Height: 268mm
  • Wheel Base: 252mm
  • Maximum Bucket Height: 461mm
  • Operating Oil Pressure: 3.50 Bar, 50.75 psi
  • Maximum Bucket Up and Down Angle: 46 to 64 degrees
  • Maximum Bucket Left and Right Angle: 38 degrees
  • Maximum Bucket Force: 40kg / 88lbs
  • Net Weight: 16.5kg / 36.3lbs
  • Theoretical Rise: 15kg (Boom Lift)
  • Theoretical Traction: 30kg
  • Hydraulic Pump Flow: 0.8 L / MIN
  • Hydraulic Pump Rated Pressure: 2.5 MPA
  • Hydraulic Pump Ultimate Pressure: 5 MPA
  • Name: JDM-198

The Package Includes:

  • 1/14 RC Hydraulic Loader Model
  • ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
  • Motor
  • Servo
  • Hydraulic System
  • 2-Speed Transmission
  • Sound System
  • Light System
  • FS I6S RC Controller and Receiver
  • Sticker
  • USB Charging Cable